EFG Reporting solution

EFG Reporting solution is a boon for financial institutions that provides capabilities to address the complex and ever-changing global regulatory/compliance reporting requirements. An add-on feature is that it also additionally addresses all the in-house MIS reporting and Head Office reporting requirements.

At the core of the EFG is a Reporting Engine power horse that empowers the user to generate any kind of complex reports, even new ones within a short turn-around time, without dependence on IT teams – eliminates manual report preparation and enhances report accuracy.

Billon Deal

An innovative merchant-customer interface in the digital space, coming in simple mobile application as well as user-friendly web interface. A revolutionary concept creating advantage for both retailers and customers. It helps in boosting sales and purchase activity thanks to attractive loyalty point redemption system. Among first of its kinds, customers subscribing to BillonDeal can gain points by passing/ visiting/ buying through notified purchase points and merchandise points which mean most to the customers and patrons in the form of products and offers.


Hoardboards, India's fastest growing online market place for your advertising needs. A trademark of Triband Systech Pvt. Ltd., Hoardboards is the next level in the advertisement shopping. Our services come with the quickest and the smartest options that enable super-fast online shopping for your advertisement needs. Equipped with a wide range of products and reliable brands, Hoardboards presently operates in Hyderabad, the City of Pearls. We plan to expand and reach out to other prominent metros and towns in India to offer our strikingly fast and reliable services.


SMART Application enables near real-time transaction data collection and reporting of material and vehicle movement at remote project work Sites. The complete solution comprises of a mobile application and a centralized cloud based server application. The mobile app is used to collect on-field transaction data of every incoming and outgoing truck loaded with construction material at each and every remote work site. The transaction data includes photographs of material, vehicle registration number and material documents along with other critical material details, vehicle source and destination points etc.


Inland Fisheries Application enables data collection (including photographs with geo codes and date-time stamp) of households and water bodies through surveys, automatically creates customized monthly advisories for fish farmers based on expert opinion and thumb rules on the baseline data, enables tracking of advisory implementation and creates reports for further review and timely actions for maximum productivity gains. Inland Fisheries solution comprises of a mobile application and a centralized cloud based server application.


The Govt. Infra Survey application is an IT based mobility solution to reliably capture and digitize the information related to infrastructure in the government offices at villages and towns. This Application has two components, Mobile Client (Android) and Server Application. Mobile Client enables the Tahsildars, and administrators to collect Information regarding RI Quarters, Common Service Centre, Village Offices and Encroachments.

DOCREC (Under Development)

A Revolutionary Health care management app, that facilitates patient record management, doctor appointment reservation, pharmacy ordering, booking diagnostic services and also online video/ chat session with doctors.


A Platform independent mobile survey system that facilitates online survey and rating system for various operations across businesses.

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